Disable automatic hyperlink conversion in Twitter’s Tweets

I have noticed that Twitter has converted Array.prototype.at into a blue, clickable hyperlink. This is because prototype.at is a valid domain and URL.

Array.prototype.at text in a tweet is converted into a hyperlink

Not all words connected with . are converted into hyperlinks. The last word should be a valid top-level domain (TLD). The problem is that there are many valid TLDs. In fact, .ninja, .contact, .pictures are all valid TLDs.

Twitter conveted hyunbin.ninja into a link (but not hyunbin.idk)

To disable automatic hyperlinks, simply add a ZWSP(zero width space) after a . or @. The unicode code point is U+200B, and the symbol can be copied from these websites — unicode-table, unicode-explorer, unicode-symbol.

Adding a ZWSP after . and @ disabled automatic hyperlinks.



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